Karting can get expensive. We are doing our best to keep costs to a minimum, but, we are looking for sponsorship & partnership opportunities.

You may already be aware, karting can get expensive. We are doing our best to keep costs to a minimum, however, we are looking for sponsorship to help keep us going.

Sponsorship might be the traditional wording, but we also believe in partnerships. We know that displaying your logo is only part of the story. As well as promoting your brand we can offer technical assistance with your computer systems.

Current Partners and Sponsors

Support this driver

What can we offer?

We are able to offer advertising via graphics on the kart, trailer, race suit, gazebo, website and Social Media. As well as advertising, for the right package, we can also offer technical assistance with your website, email or computer systems. If you have leaflets we can have these available to be handed out at events. We can also offer the kart and driver for use on your marketing material.

Brand Ambassador

It’s safe to say that when we find a brand that works for us we are loyal. Whether it’s tools, kart wear, suppliers, karts or parts, if we know something works for us, we will keep using it. We know how important loyal customers who believe in your product and brand is both on and off the track.

What costs can you help with?

As part of competing, we have multiple costs associated with the season. Below is a list of some of the fees that we incur and would appreciate any help with.

  • Race Entry (Typically £60/70 depending on venue etc)
  • Tyres (varies per event) (approx £150)
  • Spares packages (can include sprockets, chains, steering components, axles)
  • Clothing (kids grow! We will have to get new suit, gloves, boots etc)

The above list relates mainly to a race event, we also have testing and it would be great to find a company that could help with stickers (for us and partners) and team wear (branded t-shirts/hoodies)