2023 Red Lodge Karting Club 2000 Round 7

My race report after completing Round 4 of the 2023 Red Lodge Karting Club 2000 Championship held on the 1st April. How did it go for me?

Round 7 of the Club 2000 championship held at Red Lodge Karting took place on the 4th June 2023. As with Round 6, Autism in Motorsport would host an extra race, with the proceeds going to charity.

As mentioned in 2023 Red Lodge Karting Club 2000 Round 6, following the tough lessons we would see if anything was learnt.


For qualifying, pace was a little off compared to the previous day. A time of 43.515 was good enough for 4th.

Heat 1

A lacklustre start saw Riley drop to 6th by the end of the second lap. Although a tight battle ensued in front, a couple of overtakes saw him regain up to 4th at the end of the heat. Pace was good with a best lap time of 42.602

Heat 2

Heat 2 saw Riley line up in 4th place. The start however, was not the best and the entire right hand side of the grid ended up getting a 1 position penalty for crossing the white line. The race itself was a bit of a formation race and Riley crossed the line 4th. After the one place penalty was classified 5th overall. His best time was 43.187, still not on the previous pace.

Heat 3

For heat 3, Riley lined up 5th on the grid. The race itself was again relatively uneventful, however Riley managed to make an overtake on lap 4 to take him to 4th place where he would finish. His best time was 43.162 and he was just 2 tenths off taking 3rd place.


On to the final, and this was quite an exciting race. Riley lined up 4th and spent most of the race hunting down a friend. On lap 9 he finally managed to put in an overtake and secure 3rd overall. With a time of 42.833, this was an improvement but still a little off pace.

AIM Race

Unfortunately, due to a fairly serious incident in the senior class, the AIM race could not take place within the time constraints at the track. The organisers decided to work out the points from the entire weekend to allocate positions with Riley taking a 3rd place.


Another successful day at the track. Quite hard work, but it was a good day overall. Lessons from the first day had definitely been learned and the same mistake was not to be made again.

One thing that is becoming apparent is that we are down on power against the rest of the grid.

Thank you as always to our sponsors, and after a visit to Demon Tweeks you will notice a difference next time!


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