2023 Review & 2024 Update

A review of the 2023 season and what is planned for the 2024 season. There are changes for the 2024 season including a class change!

2023 was another year of learning for us. With 2022 being in Honda Cadets, this year we focused on learning the 2022 spec Mini Max. This is a restricted Junior Rotax engine running on a full-sized chassis. The idea behind this strategic move was to provide an intermediate step before entering the full Junior Rotax class in 2024.

This year was definitely a year of ups and downs. We learned a lot. Both Riley and driving, along with dad and the mechanics. We spent time with Ambition Motorsport which was very much needed and highly valuable. We cannot recommend them enough, for teaching the driver to teaching the mechanic!

As a dad, I am proud of Riley and what was achieved this year. It is nothing short of awesome. To take the lows of missing out on wins, to the highs of a win at the end of the season it has been a lot.

With the turbo failing on the car in September, we had to make a choice on which championship to prioritise, because there was more on offer with the Red Lodge championship we prioritised this over the Bayford Meadows one, only because we would be hiring a van to attend and had to redirect finances.

Red Lodge Club 2000 Championship

After enjoying Red Lodge Club 2000 in Honda Cadets, we decided to make this championship one of our main ones for 2023. Once again, this year was an incredible season and with a few changes made by the organisers saw some very big grids in many of the classes.

The championship would also prove to be a very close one, with final places being settled at the final round, one declared as a must attend round. We were fortunate with the disqualification of another competitor which allowed Riley to pick up 2nd overall in the championship.

Red Lodge saw many firsts for us. The first pole position, first heat wins, and eventually first final win! The year saw a few lows, such as in the wet, starting the final on pole, but getting a helping hand in turn 2 pushed us off and down the order. It also saw some of the low feeling of running on our own, struggling to keep with the front runners, but being faster than those behind. It was certainly a challenge throughout the year.

Bayford Meadows Championships

With Motorsport UK announcing that the Mini Max based on full sized chassis was no more, this was evident at the Motorsport UK track Bayford Meadows. Most of the season was spent with a grid of 2, so when it came to focusing on one championship, we could only choose Red Lodge.

We’ve really enjoyed being at Bayford though. The circuit is a technically challenging one. The staff and facilities are great and the paddock is generally a friendly one. It was certainly fun racing against the unrestricted juniors, being able to keep up with and often be faster than or beat as well.

Thank You

2023 would not have been possible without help and support and as such, it’s well worth saying some thank you’s.

Nana Olive, for providing food and a comfy bed not far from Bayford Meadows. This really helped out throughout the year.

Grandad Mason, for buying tyres throughout the year.

Ambition Motorsport, for all the help when we’ve been able to run with you.

Grandad Lewis & Gill, for coming to Red Lodge, supporting, photographing and helping dad when he was jet lagged.

GMS Motorsport for sorting the engine through the year.

KC & Ethan for all the help and support, being neighbours in the paddock at most of the rounds. Along with all the other drivers and parents who have supported, celebrated, consoled and helped us. It’s been a truly amazing experience made up by you all.

2024 Plans

For 2024 we are removing the restrictors, changing the ECU, fitting bigger carb jets and moving to full Junior Rotax. Some much needed testing is in order to get used to the increase in power, and additional weight (increase of 13kg).

As well as this we are entered in to The Kart Championship, a national championship which will be our first one. As the number 95 was taken for this championship, we will be sporting the number 59 for 2024, hopefully moving back to 95 in 2025. This championship will also be done with the support of Ambition Motorsport.

Given that we have both enjoyed the Red Lodge Club 2000 championship for the last two years, we will aim to do this as our second championship for the year. We know the track, we know the staff, and generally enjoy it.

There is a lot to squeeze in to the year, and any support is always appreciated. Please follow our social media profiles as it all helps, along with any sharing and comments.

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