2024 The Kart Championship Round 1

My race report after completing Round 1 of the 2024 The Kart Championship held on the 3rd March at Whilton Mill. How did it go for me?

The Kart Championship is a new championship for us. New for 2024 is the championship is run under Motorsport UK rules and regulations. Also new for 2024 is the introduction of the Junior Primo class which is aimed at the younger juniors. This is the class we will compete in. Round 1 was held at Whilton Mill, a track we have been to before for testing in the Honda Cadet, along with the X-Kart Scholarship competition.

With the step up to a national championship, we ran with Ambition Motorsport to get additional coaching for driver and mechanic! We learned a lot over the weekend. From the format of the event which was different to others we have done, to the level of driver skills out there.

At this level, we have come in to the event with no expectations and a goal of not being last.


After arriving at the track on Friday afternoon, Saturday saw two practice sessions followed by qualifying and then the first two heats. After removing the LN sticker kit in anticipation for a new livery, dad found on Saturday he was fighting keeping the number stickers on the side pods.

Practice was wet. Practice one was successful with a best time of 58.487 which was good enough for 9th. Only issue was the numbers flying off one side. After adding a whole load of duct tape, it was time for session 2. Practice two was once again what we could class as successful with a best time of 50.688 which was good enough for 14th. This time, the numbers from the other side blew off the kart, so heat and duct tape was applied!


After the two practice sessions it was time for qualifying. This was our first new format experience. For qualifying, we’ve always just found somewhere on the dummy grid and gone from there. Within JKC however, they perform a ‘draw’ to establish where each driver will line up. Riley was drawn in pole position. Riley’s best time was 51.225 which was good enough for 17th on the grid.

Heat 1

Heat 1 didn’t go too well for us. In one lap, Riley had several trips in to the grass. After 2 laps, Riley was parked up by post 5. The kart was pulling to the right, and every time he tried to correct it, it would over-correct resulting in a trip to the grass. Needless to say, this heat resulted in a DNF. After getting the kart checked over, a small alignment change was made to prevent the pulling.

Heat 2

Second heat of the day! Still very wet and now getting dark. At least we would finish this heat. Starting 17th on the grid, Riley managed to make up a couple of positions with a couple of overtakes. Setting his best time of 1:03.583 he crossed the line 13th. The kart handled better after the earlier changes.


As this is a two day event, Sunday saw a warm up, followed by 2 super heats and a final. Looking at the weather leading up to the event, Sunday promised to be dry at least.


The five minute warm up is just that, to shake down in the morning and make sure all is good. Our spare slicks have been used quite a bit already, but the pace was certainly there. With a best time of 53.721 this was a reasonable 13th.

Super Heat 1

Day 2 saw Riley line up 19th for the heats. This heat started to showcase Riley’s driving. With a decent race, some good overtakes and a best time of 48.832, Riley crossed the line 14th overall. After a drop down in front of him, he was promoted to 13th. A good result!

Super Heat 2

The second heat of the day didn’t start too well. Picking up a drop down on the formation lap, we knew there would be a penalty at the end. This didn’t deter Riley though and after making a few places on the first lap held his own. With a best time of 47.910 he came home 16th. The drop down penalty (and everyone else’s) then dropped him down to 18th.


In the final, Riley lined up 16th. He ended up out of position by the end of the formation lap, but kept his head down. Some good racing throughout, and thanks to a battle in front ending up on the grass Riley crossed the line 16th, setting his best time of 47.481. The only down side to this, he was having a really good battle for 15th, and holding the position until the very last lap between Parker and Chapman. This was the culmination of a great battle that occurred for most of the race.


Overall, our first event at a national level went well. We weren’t last and we weren’t slowest which was a huge bonus. Riley’s times were tumbling each time out. We had a great time with the whole Ambition Motorsport team once again. Special thanks must go out to Joe and Paul Weaver who were coaching both of us.

We have a few tasks to do for next time – Glan-y-gors at the end of March – this includes yet another set of brake pads and removing the pedal extension kit.

As always, thank you to our sponsors who help make this happen.


Stu Stretton Photography

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